Jones Winery & Vineyard Ruby

$28.00 inc. GST

Tasting Notes

A blend of licorice fruit and alcohol with a hint of chocolate and a palate to match with mouth-filling flavours and a slight touch a sweetness on the finish.

Winemaking Notes

Shiraz is the basis of this young fortified red wine. The grapes are picked when they are fully ripe but not overripe. They are then fermented until the desired sugar level is reached. After pressing the wine is then fortified using neutral grape spirit and aged in our old wooden vats before being blended and bottled. Alc 19.0%, cellaring none.

Food Matches

A sip after a satisfying meal when nibbling a piece of delicious chocolate is one of the ways I enjoy drinking this wine.

Drinking Tips

Sipping in a peaceful 20 minutes with a piece of plain chocolate straight out of the freezer.