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Jones Winery & Vineyard

Gourmet Traveller Wine – 3rd Best Cellar Door in Australia

Gourmet Traveller Wine – 2016 Best Tasting Experience in Rutherglen, 2017 Star Cellar Door Rutherglen, 2018 Best Small Cellar Door Rutherglen

Wine Awards & Reviews

2017 Jones Winery & Vineyard Durif

The Real Review – Top Ranked, #10 of 20 2017 Durif from Australia  Wow! This has impenetrably dense, blackish purple colour, guaranteed to stain your choppers beyond the capabilities of most proprietary toothpastes. Oh well, that’s Rutherglen durif for you. It’s accordingly powerful on nose and palate, with a great volume of plum pud, crushed blackberry, spice and vanillin characters. A big bruiser with mouth-coating feel and a formidable foundation of tannins, it stops short of being too porty and hot with alcohol. It’s a great taste of tradition that should live for many years in the cellar. Ralph Kyte-Powell 08 APR 2020


Jones Winery & Vineyard Sparkling Shiraz NV

The Real Review – Top Ranked, #12 of 59 2017 NV Shiraz from Australia and TOP RANK 92/100 Deepish red colour with some purple reflections, the bouquet reserved but smoky and nutty, with a hint of char-oak and some walnutty notes. Restrained plum and aniseed notes. The finish is quite drying and the tannins, while soft, make themselves felt. A good wine which would come into its own with food, especially at an outdoor barbecue. 08 MAR 2020 Huon Hooke

J6 – Six Generations Muscat Sec

The Real Review 90/100 Musk and Turkish Delight, classic muscaty aromas, a faint dried herb edge. The palate shows attractive salinity, fresh and crisp, acidity crunchy at the hinges of your mouth. Excellent curio value. Aperitif style 09 MAR 2020 Nick Butler

Jones Winery & Vineyard 2017 L.J. 

The Real Review – Top Ranked, #5 of 21 2017 Shiraz from NE Victoria and TOP RANK 93/100 Rich, deep purple colour in the glass. A ripe nose with nutty oak over blackberries, plums and graphite. The palate more red-berried and agile than the nose suggests, sinewed and long, just enough flesh for its structure. A modern expression of Rutherglen shiraz. 03 MAR 2020 Nick Butler

Jones Winery & Vineyard 2017 Shiraz

The Real Review – Top Ranked, #13 of 21 2017 Shiraz from NE Victoria 90/100. A deep ruby-red colour. Rustic aromas of ripe plums, earthy or musty oak influence, red licorice. Full-bodied – ripe red berries with underlying spice. Red cherry acidity underwrites its energy. A lot of wine for the price. 03 MAR 2020 Nick Butler

J6 – Six Generations 2018 Marsanne SC

Gourmet Traveller Wine – Max Allen “The Jones family have been quietly making some of the best wines in Rutherglen for years, and now sixth-generation Ben Jones has launched his own wines, with a modern twist. The winery’s regular marsanne ($25) is very good but this takes things to a new level (for less money). Some skin-contact during fermentation – the ‘SC’ in the name – brings extra complexity and richness and delicious satisfaction to the already ripe yellow flavours of Rutherglen marsanne.”  MA



Jones Winery & Vineyard 2017 Ugni Blanc 

2019 Halliday Wine Companion – 90 points. “Flavour darts through the palate in direct fashion, but along the way there’s quite a bit to it: lemon, spice, wood smoke, crushed fennel even. Just enough to pique your interest.” – Campbell Mattinson

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Jones Winery & Vineyard 2017 Fiano  

2019 Halliday Wine Companion – 93 points. “Bouyant with flavour, textural through the finish and with decent length too. This is clearly the result of an excellent season. Lemon blossom, honeysuckle, vanilla pod and stone-fruit flavours burst through the palate. A joyous white wine.” – Campbell Mattinson

2018 The Real Review – Top Ranked, #3 of 15 Australian Fianos. “The bouquet confirming some forward-development due to oak influence, with nutty, smoky, slightly toasty aromas with creamy lees overtones. Likewise, the palate is rich and full, with smooth fleshy texture and pleasing density, which continues into a long and satisfying aftertaste. I’m not sure it says much about the variety, but it’s a real mouthful of soft, dry white wine.” – Huon Hooke

$27 per bottle. Purchase from Store.


Jones Winery & Vineyard 2016 Fiano

2017 Aust. Alternative Wine Varieties Show – Silver

2017 Wine Front – 91 points. “Rutherglen Fiano from one of the region’s most charismatic producers. Dry style of white but perfumed and expressive. It lures you in. Honeysuckle, citrus, white flowers and a smidgen of vanilla. Quite lovely. Very good drinking to be had here.” – Campbell Mattinson.

2017 The Real Review – Recommended. “Varietally expressive with lemony flavours and faint nuttiness. The palate is clean, gently fruity and slightly minerally. It has beautiful acidity that is bright, but not at all sour. A highly satisfying drop.” – Toni Paterson

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Jones Winery & Vineyard 2015 Marsanne

2017 The Real Review – 90 points. “Delicate spice and white flowers followed by a lemony palate with savoury undertones. Medium-weight and refreshing with pleasing restraint and texture. Cleansing and bright on the finish. The wine opens and evolves with time in the glass.” – Toni Paterson

2017 Decanter World Wine Awards – 88 points

2017 Halliday Wine Companion – 91 points

2016 Wine Front – 90 points. “Whole bunch pressed and then barrel fermented and matured. Rutherglen marsanne.  It’s in a good drinking zone now. It’s all honeysuckle and toast, stonefruit and citrus, the finish both dry and floral at once. It’s a pretty wine but there’s also some grip here; I can see it maturing but I can’t see it drinking much better than it is now.” – Campbell Mattinson

2016 Wine Showcase New Release – Silver

2016 Winestate North East Victoria – 3.5 stars

2016 Rutherglen Wine Show – Bronze (no gold or silver awarded)

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Jones Winery & Vineyard 2016 MO-Marsanne

2018 Halliday Wine Companion – 91 points

2017 Aust. Alternative Wine Varieties Show – Bronze

2017 The Real Review – Recommended. “Mid-gold in colour. A spicy and textured dessert wine with ripe melon, cinnamon apple and honey flavours. Gentle spice on the finish. Clean, sweet, bright and spicy.” – Toni Paterson

2017 Wine Front – 88 points. “Straw-coloured. Sweet white. Honeysuckle and sweet lemon, juice and rind. Simple and delicious. Reasonable length/texture too.”- Campbell Mattinson

$25 per bottle, purchase from Store


Jones Winery 2016 Rosé

2016 Wine Showcase – Silver

$22 per bottle, purchase from Store

jones the winemaker 2014 Shiraz

2016 Wine Showcase – Silver (86 points)

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Jones Winery & Vineyard 2015 Shiraz

2018 Wine Showcase New Release – 93 points.

2018 Halliday Wine Companion – 92 points.

2017 Wine Front – 91 points. “Hefty red. Rich and warm with cedary oak and a firm handshake of tannin. One of those not-going-anywhere-in-a-hurry reds. Plenty of stuffing but well polished too”.

$35 per bottle, purchase from Store.


Jones Winery & Vineyard 2016 L.J.

2019 Halliday Wine Companion – 91 points. “Strong aromas/flavours of toast, cola and caramel with a kicker of sweet, saturated plum. This shiraz is weighty, warm and un-reconstructed; it’s not fresh or modern, just bold with inky flavour served in volume.” – Campbell Mattinson.

$70 per bottle, purchase from Store.


Jones Winery & Vineyard 2015 L.J.

2018 Decanter Australian Shiraz – 91 points.  Highly Recommended.

2018 Wine Showcase New Release – 94 points.

2018 Halliday Wine Companion – 94 points. “It has all the richness and depth a full-bodied shiraz can muster yet there’s nothing heavy-handed here as the fruit – from 110yo vines – is the real star, wound around savoury-earthy notes, licorice and star anise, with ripe tannins on the finish. Plenty of life.” – Jane Faulkner

$160 per magnum, available from Store.


Jones Winery & Vineyard 2013 L.J.

2017 Halliday Wine Companion – 90 points

2017 The Real Review – Recommended. “A generous, full-bodied red made from very ripe shiraz and grenache grapes. The oak influence is on the high side with desiccated coconut and vanilla tones. Lively acidity and ripe, integrated tannin. For those who like their reds big and fleshy.” – Toni Paterson

2016 Wine Front – 91 points. “Hand-picked shiraz grapes are fermented in open vats (as whole berries) and subsequently matured in all-French oak. Burly shiraz but with character.  Rustic in a positive sense.  Earth, blackberry, rust and spice notes lead into roasted coffee and leather territory. Firm, ripe, warm tannin asserts itself through the back half. It’s not fresh but it’s sturdy and straight; it’s hard to see it falling over any time soon.  Red wine with (more than) a bit of swagger.” – Campbell Mattinson

2015 Matthew Jukes review. “2013 Jones Winery & Vineyard L.J. Shiraz is the top red wine at this estate and it is made from 110 year old vines. This wine is a slice of history in a glass. I have a feeling that it probably tasted not dissimilar to this wine when it was first turned into grapes a century ago. This wine has a flavour which I have never tasted before, not least because I have never tasted fruit from this vineyard. It is unlike anything from the rest of Rutherglen, anything from the rest of Victoria and anything from anywhere in Australia – it is unique. You will need to be patient because this Shiraz, with a dribble of Grenache, is crammed with undergrowth, bark, leather, herbs, tobacco and dry spices. The fruit is secondary. The vineyard, its flora and even in fauna play an integral part. The grapes are merely the vectors which bring mineral complexity from the soil via the roots and trunks to a fleetingly juicy medium and on to a more stable and more delicious creation – the wine. The sensation here is one of languid, outback chic layered with reverence and respect. I expect it to drink in five years and peak in a decade.  I will be there with a large glass when it does.” – Matthew Jukes, International Wine Reviewer

$75 per bottle, available at Cellar Door.


Jones Winery & Vineyard 2015 Durif

2018 Halliday Wine Companion – 92 points

2017 Wine Front – 91 points. “Both sturdy and svelte. This is in good shape. Tar, leather, blackberry and saltbush, with a gentle push of malt/toast/musk, the latter characters most likely from oak. There’s nothing overdone here but nor does it feel underpowered; far from it. Thick chains of tannin should see it perform well in the cellar.” – Campbell Mattinson

2017 The Real Review – 90 points. “A very youthful durif with an open structure, firm tannins and surprisingly reserved fruit. Bright acidity, dried mulberries and freshness on the palate. I enjoy the savoury edges. One for the cellar.” – Toni Paterson

$35 per bottle, purchase from Store


Jones Winery & Vineyard 2016 Malbec

2019 Halliday Wine Companion – 91 points. “Fruit rumbles and grumbles; oak tells it to shhh. Rugged tannin, deep, dark-berried fruit, tar-like notes and earth. All this is covered in a silken sheet of vanillan oak. Best consumed alongside thick, juicy steak.” – Campbell Mattinson.

2018 July: Gourmet Traveller – Top Drops of the Month. “An excellent example of the malbec grape: deep-purple fruit framed in fine, grippy, elegant tannins.  Roast a leg of lamb with all the trimmings and you’re set for Sunday lunch.” – Max Allen

2018 The Real Review – Recommended. “Very deep, dark, youthful red/purple colour; strong char-oak bouquet, the palate big and firm with lashings of tannin and lots of oak. A big, solid lump of a wine, which needs time and will reward cellaring.” – Huon Hooke

$35 per bottle, purchase from Store.


Jones Winery & Vineyard 2015 Malbec

2018 Halliday Wine Companion – 93 points

2017 Wine Front – 87 points

2017 The Real Review – 90 points (#6 out of 16 Australian wines). “There is welcome restraint in this malbec, with reserved fruitiness and subtle, refined oak. The tannins are gently drying and in balance with the fruit. It is a distinctly savoury, medium-bodied wine, with nuances of dried cherry and faint orange peel.” – Toni Paterson

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Jones Winery & Vineyard Apero

2019 Halliday Wine Companion – 90 points. “Fortified trebbiano and pedro ximenez. It tastes mostly of idiosyncrasy. Sweet, nutty aromatics introduce an intense, honeyed, toffeed palat. Bursts firstly with scent and flavour and them with hot spirit. It’s not without interest thoug it kicks like a mule.” – Campbell Mattinson

$28 per bottle, purchase from Store.


Jones Winery & Vineyard Classic Rutherglen Muscat

2018 Halliday Wine Companion – 94 points. “Mid-amber with a touch of orange; luscious palate, all fruitcake and spice, orange marmalade, raisins soaked in brandy; plus butterscotch and caramel. The spirit is clean, warming and nearly balanced.” – Jane Faulkner

$35 per bottle, purchase from Store


Jones Winery & Vineyard Rare Rutherglen Muscat

2018 Halliday Wine Companion – 95 points. “Mid-mahogany; quite heady, with a gamut of spices from star anise and cinnamon to powdered ginger and smells of dark fruitcake, burnt toffee and raisins. Richly flavoured, luscious but not heavy, with a brandy note to the spirit, and the considerable sweetness balanced by the acidity and depth of flavour. A treasure.” – Jane Faulkner

$160 per bottle, available from Cellar Door.


CORRELL Blanc Aperitif

2019 The Real Review – 90 points. #3/24 NV White Blend. “Pale yellow, almost colourless. The aromas are fresh and vital and led by bitter vermouth herbs and citrus notes including grapefruit and lemon. The wine is fully sweet and again intensely-flavoured with bitter herbs – like an Italian vermouth, except that it’s not dry. A very appealing flavoured wine, which would be best used as a mixer, although I could imagine enjoying sipping a small glass over ice.” – Huon Hooke

2018 Halliday Wine Companion – 90 points

2017 Gourmet Traveller Wine – Top 10 Vermouths to Try – #7 PRETTY IN PEDRO. “Inspired by winemaker Mandy Jones’s time in Bordeaux, learning how that region’s famous Lillet aromatised wine is produced, this is a gently sweet, pretty white infused with orange rind, star anise and juniper. Serve chilled over ice.” – Max Allen

2016 Wine Front. “Totally delicious drink. As in, you know, totally gorgeous. It tastes of licorice, orange blossoms, mandarin and assorted sweet spices, is beautifully balanced, and while it certainly is laced with sweetness it finishes quite crisp, quite dry. It works best on ice though I first tasted it at room temperature and it had me at hello. Enough said.” – Campbell Mattinson

$38 per bottle, purchase from Store