2007 Jones Winery & Vineyard L.J “Superb”

“My wife and I opened our last bottle of 2007 L.J. last night. Drank superbly… as usual for L.J.’s.

The spicy nose was evident well before the glass reached our nostrils. For me, one of the great things in drinking a magnificent red is savouring the nose for as many minutes as I can before tasting. The nose was glorious.

The palate was very well balanced over front, middle and back. I detected strong toffee. Chocolate? What Rutherglen earth gave me that? But it was like toffee in chocolate.

Beautiful, I did not wish to swallow what I had in my mouth.” – N.N.

2006 LJ


Sadly the 2007 L.J is not available at the cellar door, but you can experience the outstanding 2006 L.J. with a delicious lunch in Jones Cafe.  Or buy a 2013 L.J. and cellar it for future enjoyment.