Making Wine

Traditional and modern wine-making techniques are used at Jones Winery and Vineyard to produce a specialised range of handcrafted wines. The 100-year-old vats installed by the Ruhe family in the early 1900s to ferment the wines are still in use today. A traditional basket press is used to press the last of the juice from the grapes whilst cooling and heating ensure that all the processes involved in our hand-crafted winemaking techniques occur just as they should.

All our wines are matured in oak barrels, either old or new French oak depending on the variety. The reds undergo malolactic fermentation in barrel. Our white wines are also fermented in oak barrels.

At Jones Winery and Vineyard, we take great pride in the character and style of our wines, ensuring they reflect the unique qualities of the Rutherglen region and the personality of the harvest. These balanced wines boast texture, structure and rich fruit flavour. Perhaps more importantly, we ensure that each of our wines is a great wine that should be enjoyed with great food.