Jones Winery Restaurant serves food inspired by the wonderfully simple dishes found in French bistros.

Head chef, Briony Bradford’s approach to food is ‘nose to tail’, selecting only seasonal and local produce from growers and suppliers she knows personally.  Briony describes her style as ‘traditional French technique with a modern twist’. She enjoys pushing the boundaries of flavours and making everything in her dishes from scratch.

A perfect match for our elegant Jones Winery & Vineyard wines that are grown and made onsite.

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Please advise our staff upon ordering if you have any food intolerances or allergies. We do our best to accommodate guests but are unable to guarantee that our dishes are completely allergen free. Sorry, no split bills.

Two Courses-$65, with matching wines $85

Three Courses-$78, with matching wines $108


Premium Oysters – Freshly shucked X 5

Mandarin & Lime leaf Vinaigrette OR Natural

*additional $16 for 12 oysters

                                                               Matching Wine: 2019 Muscat Sec


Charcuterie – Cured Meats, Chicken Liver Pate,

‘Rutherglen’ Goat Terrine, Pickles, Chutney, Rye Bread

                                                                           Matching Wine: 2018 Rose


Whipped Goat’s Cheese Mousse                                         

Rhubarb, Basil, Walnut

                                            _____________Matching Wine: 2019 Ugni Blanc


‘Crystal Bay’ Tiger Prawns                                                                  

Blood Orange, Avocado, Kohlrabi

                                                               Matching Wine: 2019 Ugni Blanc


Rutherglen ‘Kidden Park’ Goat Croquette     

Carrot, Yogurt, Parsley

                                                                Matching Wine: Sparkling Shiraz


Parmesan Crisp Polenta

Snowpea, Red Onion, Salsa Verde

                                                             Matching Wine: 2019 J6 Jimmy’s Block


Crispy Skin Market Fish                                                        

Asparagus, Kiwifruit, Sorrel

                                          Matching Wine: 2018 Marsanne Roussanne


Roasted ‘Riverina’ Duck Leg Roulade                               

Cauliflower, Pear, Black Olive

                                                           Matching Wine: 2017 Malbec


Pan Fried ‘Jack’s Creek’ Black Angus Beef Rump            

Broccoli, Green Apple, Bearnaise

                                                                   Matching Wine: 2017 Durif


Rye Bread, French Butter                                                  8.5

Rye Bread, Olive Oil                                                           7

Mixed Leaf Salad, Radish, Parsley                                      9

Sautéed ‘Jones’ Greens, Butter, Bacon, Garlic             10

Triple Cooked Potatoes, Rosemary                                10 


Nougat Parfait  

Beetroot, White Chocolate, Pistachio

                                                         Matching Wine: 2018 J6 Muscato


Lavender & Lemon Syrup Cake                                             

Fennel, Fig Leaf, Pecan

                                                     Matching Wine: CORRELL Spritzer


Bitter-sweet Chocolate Tart                                               

Salted Caramel, Pineapple, Walnut

                                Matching Wine: Classic Rutherglen Muscat


Selection of Cheese, Rye Bread                                         

Soft, Blue and Hard Cheese

                           Matching Wine: 2018 J6 Durif Vin de Liqueur